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What it is: Credit cards can provide easy money for young, growing businesses. But they also have serious threats.

How it works: There are individual credit cards and small business cards. Each win and prize come together. There are more government securities for individual credit card holders, while a business card may have more limits and awards, e.g. For example, a cheap office supply that matches business owners.

Do not pay bills, it does not matter, you break your personal money, so you do not have to fraud to believe that you need a business card for your business.

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In contrast, in addition to providing significant cash flows to young businesses, credit card owners and businesses, the payment can improve on time - as well as improve their creditworthiness. There are special prizes and awards such as airlines Miles, discounted gas or cash.

It's also easy to get money, which can help with the need.

By using a corporate credit card for daily expenses, business owners can learn about records by separating personal and business lending, tracking employee costs, reviewing time balance, and generating professional reports. Is there.

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Disadvantage: Credit card interest rates are significantly higher than conventional loans, making them a valuable form of debt that can attract business to them in difficult times.

Surprisingly, the Aeong Marian Kaufman Foundation has decided that for every $ 1,000 spent on a credit card with a small business, the probability of long-term survival increases by more than two percent.

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To avoid paying too many credit card debt, it is important to develop personal property, family, friends and other investors for a young business. Such high interest loans will eat a young company's income.

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The payment is late and you can damage your credit, which can affect your creditworthiness and increase the business. In the case of late payment with a small business credit card, you will also be notified of a business credit bureau.

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Additional tips:

Review sites like credit cards, cardartown documents and bankerate documents provide online resources for comparing interest rates, pricing programs and renewal fees.

If you do not check good pressures and ask many questions, you can use a credit card for small businesses. Such cards are not covered by the credit card liability, liability, and advertising content of 200 9. The law protect consumers from arbitrariness rates.

If you believe that you can not pay for the purchase in the same billing period, instead of a business card it might be a good idea to charge a personal plastic.

Do not get involved in annual fees only. See also luggage insurance, gateway service, employee expense records and airline access.

Find some business cards with the best return to support a business purchase.

Take advantage of the first zero percentage of purchase and balance transfer.

Use different types of cards for different transactions. For example, a business award credit card may be best for everyday expenses, while zero-interest cards are best suited for financing.